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# 30 Collantes Street

a divinely driven journey to the Philippines

Simple, eloquent vignettes in #30 Collantes Street lend fresh eyes to the splendor of Philippine nature and rhythmic pace of the life to first-time visitors and maybe even more so to Filipinas/os born and raised in the Philippines. Then, there’s that last sweltering day on the beasty Manila streets, where the author discovers what she truly is made of.


"...Lisa captures the anxieties, fears and joyful ‘discoveries’ of visiting the country from which she is two generations removed. She expresses a moving recognition of her deep connectivity to a people she has never met, but who welcomed and embraced her without hesitation."

Alleluia Panis

Artistic & Executive Director, Kularts, Inc.



Other Works

SAMMAY: Who is this Person? Stop. See. Oh!

July, 2021


On the 50th Year of Philippine Studies at City College of San Francisco: Is There Reason to Celebrate? March, 2021

Clans of Saints Bay: Real Life (not Mythic)

Warriors of SOMA Pilipinas, June, 2020


The Scholar Unplugged, March, 2020

 (Plaridel Award, "Best Profile Writing," 2020)

The Al Robles Express Is on the Right Track, October, 2019


Utom Unfolds T'boli Myths Through Music, June, 2019

(Plaridel Award, "Best Feature Story," 2020)

Juanita Tamayo Lott: Woman Warrior of the Golden State, May, 2019

Incarcerated 6 x 9 Gets You on the Cell-ular Level, May, 2018 (Plaridel Merit Award, "Best Entertainment Story," 2018)

An Enjoyable Period Piece, March, 2018

She Who Dances Stories Into Being, October, 2017


The Spirit Carver, May, 2016

A Healer's Path Comes Not by Chance, March, 2016


Pilgrimage to a Literary Legacy, January, 2016


Out the Back Door, May, 2015


Maseg, An Artistic Tempest, February, 2015 (Plaridel Award, "Best Entertainment Story", 2015)


Rosa-Linda-Who-Loves-Her-Job, October, 2014


Just Because, November, 2013 (Plaridel Honorable Mention, "Best Personal Essay",2014)


Celestino's Crusades, October, 2013 (Plaridel Honorable Mention,"Best Investigative Story," 2014)


Book Review: A Big-Hearted Book on Little Manila, September, 2013


Vangie Looks Back, February, 2013


Eat All You Can, November, 2012




The New Filipino Kitchen (Agate Publishing, September, 2018)


Ampalaya Epiphany, 2017

Talisman (Skyline College Magazine)

Historical Truths (2nd Place Prize in Poetry, Issue 45, 2013-2014)

Beyond Lumpia, Pansit, and Seven Manangs Wild (Eastwind Books, 2014)

Agtawid, 2014


Out the Back Door, 2014

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