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Sound and Music Practitioner
California Institute of Integral Studies Certification


Offered in small or large groups, each session includes any or all of the following segments:

* relaxing meridian stretches and yoga to improve energy flow

* gentle floor poses to direct energy accumulation and circulation

* sound bath to naturally calm the nervous system


                                                        * promotes relaxation and stress release

                                                        * enhances mental clarity and productivity

                                                        * supports natural healing and wellness


* Faculty - College of San Mateo Kinesiology Division 2007-2021

* Member of Agasan Collective, San Francisco Bay Area, a project that explores wellness through the Arts as an integrative practice.

* Personalized wellness workshops:

  - College of San Mateo Counseling Division

  - Filipino Mental Health Initiative

  - Center for Babaylan Studies Retreats

  - Sonoma State University Student Services (The Hub) Retreats

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