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NVM Gonzalez Writing Workshop

The whole weekend of July 1-3 was a gift. Peter Bacho's presence is so big, yet so unassuming, so... Generous. I loved the simple honesty of each of the participants. I knew no one, yet I instantly trusted each one. Still do. Even though I've been writing for several years, and publishing here and there, I was inspired -by this very workshop- to finally begin sharing my work more publicly. Michael Gonzalez enlightened me about the mind one has when posting work on a blog. Unlike journaling, when you are reflecting back to yourself, blogging sets more the intention of communicating with/ benefiting others he said. So here I am. Being somewhat reclusive, I was not willing to name my blogsite after myself. On a coastside walk one day where white alyssum's delicate honey fragrance met with elemental ocean breeze, the perfect, timely name presented itself: Alyssum...A/Lyss/Um. My initials! L/S/M. LSM inspired by NVM. So here I am.

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