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On the good ship, ANA

On the good ship, ANA

It's a sweet trip to Manila Bay

Where traffic plays

StopGoStop til you're in a daze.

Mark's very first stop in the Philippines. We stayed in the Peninsula Hotel serendipitously; it was an easy place to meet our transport to Laguna and the PatisTito Garden Cafe and BnB. We arrived at 9:30 p.m. on New Year's night. It would be the absolutely only time we would not see any traffic in Manila. Because we were in flight beginning the morning of New Year's Eve, we never actually touched down on New Year's Day to officially ring in the new year! Suspended between two time zones, we toasted with airline issued wine glasses from Seats 18A and B. In this photo, we're wandering the opulent hotel lobby listening to the band, finding our way up to the balcony to check them out. We feel as if we're on a cruise ship looking down at the Lido Deck while the band plays. Inwardly I'm marveling at the sight of this beautiful luxury hotel, something I never experienced (except from the outside) on my first visit. No, the King's Hotel is not from around here.


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