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Such an ambiguous place to be, Acceptance.

Today, my piece, "Ampalaya Epiphany" was accepted by the food anthology project, My Food Beginnings, edited by Jacqueline Lauri. It's an homage piece to the ones who taught me how to cook -- great uncle Epifanio C. Suguitan, and grandfather Silvestre Suguitan. I really loved writing this piece and my heart sings about the fact that it will be shared with a broad audience in the foodie world.

Meanwhile, my brother, who has cancer, has had a tough time these past few weeks. I stand by him through the won battles and through the moments where he must retreat and regroup. I accept his reports with quiet and constant attention and then must do my own cocooning in order to seek the answer to my question: in what way is any of this situation Acceptable?

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